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Attached at the Heart Training Events

Attached at the Heart Training Events

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If you're a professional who works with parents, we welcome your application to train with us. Qualified professionals are invited to apply and register to train in the Attached at the Heart Parenting Program (AHPP). Some of the benefits you'll experience training with us include:

  • Joining a growing network of global parenting professionals using Attached at the Heart Parenting Program in their practice
  • Expanding your knowledge of child and parent development and helpful, science-based parenting skills that parents in your practice will use
  • Participating in live online training in small groups for meaningful, deepened learning
  • Learning in a spaced training schedule that allows for reflection and stronger learning
  • Six months of mentorship that qualifies you to teach AHPP parenting classes or supports and accelerates your non-teaching practice
  • Ongoing support in a community of practice
  • $600 all-inclusive pricing without hidden or extra fees
  • CE credits as available


You'll see and hear the difference in the parents you work with as you discover new ways to become a more effective catalyst in their change. You'll help them recognize and make choices they weren't able to see before and you'll guide them to strengthen the beneficial positives they're already practicing.


Invite others to train with you! Each training requires 15 participants.


The AHPP Training consists of 

  • 1 hour orientation to access the training platform
  • 20 hours of content training delivered in 5 hour blocks across 4 weekly sessions 
  • 1 5 hour training day + required teaching for professionals who want to teach AHPP classes to parents as an AHPP Trained Instructor
  • 100% live-online training in small-group sizes for high participation
  • No additional fees. Everything  - orientation, core training, six-months of extended sessions and all materials  - is included in the training price


You'll expand your knowledge and skills across a range of research-based topics that are synthesized for understanding and application. You'll deliver effective, powerful, healthy parenting and child outcomes through AHPP training that covers:

  • Introduction to the Eight Principles of Parenting, attachment, the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) on lifelong health
  • Building a team of supportive adults around parents and children
  • Healthy birth and postpartum practices, child nourishment, oxytocin's role in parent-infant health
  • Empathy, coping with stress, responding to child crying, nurturing touch
  • Healthy and safe sleep habits, navigating parent-child separations and childcare
  • Positive discipline and healthy guidance as children increase exploration over time
  • Healthy parent-child relationships and keeping children safe as they mature
  • How to access the network of AHPP-trained professionals 


    When you complete the 20 hours of AHPP core training, you will 

    1. Be ready to share new knowledge and skills with the parents in your practice

    2. Receive a Certificate of Completion

    3. Receive any applicable and available CE credits

    4. Choose an extended six-month training option (included in the training price):

    1. Mentorship Program

    • Completing this program is required if you plan to teach AHPP classes to parents as an AHPP Trained Instructor. 
    • Requires an additional training day
    • Requires that you teach a full set of AHPP classes within six months of the core training 
    • Includes six structured support calls designed to guide you through the Mentorship Program completion
    • Expires 6 months after core training  




    2.Training-to-Practice sessions 

    • Professionals who do not plan to teach AHPP classes to parents can choose to attend six semi-structured topical discussions
    • Designed to help you apply AHPP with parents in your non-teaching practice 
    • Expires 6 months after core training


    Training completion does not warrant API accreditation, nor does it serve as a license to practice mental health therapy or psychological and medical counseling.


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    Here is What Our Attendees Have Said:

    The lesson plans are meticulously organized, easy to follow and beautiful! I'm excited to present this information to parents. ~ Participant

    While I am a therapist with training in trauma and attachment, having the material available in a way that is accessible to parents has been very helpful. I also appreciate that this course covers so many topics that are applicable to new parents, who are eager to learn and have questions about so many of these topics. ~ Participant

    A 2022 AHPP evaluation revealed that 85% of respondents would recommend AHPP training to others, saying that training was an easy, satisfying, positive experience with effective materials that helped them feel confident teaching and using what they learned.

    Apply For Upcoming Training

    September 2023

    English language Training, September 2023

    September 15 9am - 10am EST - Orientation

    September 18, 25, October 2, 9 9am - 2pm EST - Core Training

    October 16 9am - 2pm EST  - Instructor Training - required to teach AHPP classes


    Training schedule: September 18, 25, October 2, 9 & for those intending to teach: October 16

    October 2023

    Turkish Language Training, October 2023

    September 28 - Orientation

    October 1,  2, 8, 9 &16 - Core Training and Instructor Training Day

    Dr. Aslihan Tokgoz, independent AHPP Turkish language Lead Trainer, will lead these trainings. 

    API Nurturings Attached at the Heart Parenting Program has been approved for 17.75 ICEA CEU's.


    Training schedule: October 1, 2, 8, 9 & 16

    October 2023

    English Language Training, October 2023

    October 16 5:30pm - 6:30pm PST - Orientation

    October 20, 27, November 3, 10 10am - 3pm PST - Core Training

    November 17 10am - 3pm PST  - Instructor Training - required to teach AHPP classes

    API Nurturings Attached at the Heart Parenting Program has been approved for 17.75 ICEA CEU's.

    API Nurturings Attached at the Heart Parenting Program has been approved for 17.25 NBCC CE's.

    AP Nurturings is seeking approval to offer CERPs. Please check back for updates.

    Training schedule: October 20, 27, November 3, 10 & for those intending to teach: November 17

    Meet our Trainers

    Barbara Nicholson, AHPP Co-Author, Team Trainer

    Lysa Parker, AHPP Co-Author, Team Trainer

    Samantha Gray, Team Trainer

    Aslihan Tokgoz, Lead Trainer Turkish Language

    Victoria LeBlanc, Team Trainer

    Tina McRorie, Team Trainer