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Honors, Tributes, and Memorial Gifts

Honors, Tributes, and Memorial Gifts

The perfect gift for the person who has everything. A singularly unique opportunity to pay-it-forward. A genuinely infinite gift. These tributes not only honor the recipient, but are the catalysts that propel and perpetuate the legacy of love into future generations. This gift truly keeps on giving.

Dedications are listed in the order they are received, with the newest at the top. To find a particular dedication, enter part of the Donor's name, and choose apply:

API is based in Tennessee and is registered to receive donations in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, Florida, Washington, Indiana, Louisana, Missouri, New York, and Texas.

  • Marian Tompson

    In honor of Marian Tompson.

    by Cecily Harkins
  • Janet Jendron, Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson

    In Honor of Janet Jendron, Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson. Thank you for all you do.

    by Patricia Spanjer
  • Gray Family

    In honor of the Gray Family for their sacrifices and support through the years.

    by Janet Jendron
  • Maxine Zabel Narvaez and Richard Narvaez

    In honor of Maxine Zabel Narvaez and Richard Narvaez.

    by Darcia Narvaez
  • Dan Gray

    Dan Gray, in honor of his mother.

    by Barbara Nicholson
  • Breastfeeding Perspectives

    In honor of Breastfeeding Perspectives.

    by Kathy Parkes
  • Timothy Lowery

    In honor of Timothy Lowery

    by John Lowery
  • Gray Family

    In honor of the Gray family.

    by Janet Jendron
  • Renee Besecker

    In honor of Renee Besecker.

    by Janet Jendron
  • Lysa Parker

    Dedicated to Lysa for being the best yoga teacher in the universe.

    by Janet Jendron
  • Shirley Weiler

    In honor of my mother, Shirley Weiler.

    by Monica Mueller
  • Samantha Gray

    Thanks Samantha Gray!

    by Margaret Feierabend
  • Parents

    In honor of every parenting doing their best!

    by Laura Brockwehl
  • Gail Phillips

    In honor of Gail Phillips.

    by Diane Hansen
  • Survivors

    As a Survivor, I want everyone to know I understand the difficulties a child endures. Raise up and keep walking forward.

    by Jim Bunch
  • In honor and memory of Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder

    To say that Mary Ann Cahill was an extraordinary woman is a total understatement. While working with her on the LLLI Board of Directors and afterwards with the LLLI Alumnae Association, I was constantly amazed by new facets and new depths to her . She served as Executive Director during a hard transition time, and stood up to the challenge with courage and compassion. She had the courage to write the book “The Heart Has Its Own Reasons” and stand up for principles and ideals that were not reinforced by our culture. Through the book she helped validate families all over the world, as they made “unpopular” but crucial decisions. Mary Ann’s heart of gold sustained me through many times as a mother and a woman. She helped me through family illnesses when I most needed the support. I loved her love of music and how much fun we had with Alumnae teas, Board skits and so many other priceless experiences!

    I was with Mary Ann at the 15th Anniversary of Attachment Parenting International, where she shared her experiences and passion for the ideals that API and LLL have in common. At the benefit concert we sat together to hear Vince Gill, Gary Nicholson and Beth Nielson Chapman perform with their adult children. I wrapped my arms around her and it was like hugging my own mother, who had recently passed away. It was, like many others with Mary Ann, a healing experience.

    I thank God for Mary Ann and the profound impact she had on so many people. Well done, good and faithful servant!

    Claudia Jendron with Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder and presenter at the API 15th Anniversary event

    Janet Jendron, API Board President with daughter Claudia Jendron and Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder and presenter at the API 15th Anniversary event

    Janet Jendron, API Board President with daughter Claudia Jendron and Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder and presenter at the API 15th Anniversary event


    Janet Jendron, API Board President

Honors, Tributes Archive

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Our Honored Mothers | Our Honored Fathers

To Reedy Hickey from Janet Jendron: "With deep gratitude and admiration"

In honor of Kathy Dowd. ~ Caitlin Fisch

In honor of Donna Reedy. ~ Jillian Amodio

In memory of Betty Pearce Lowery. To my mother who had a strong influence on my path in life and to whom I dedicate my work. ~ Lysa Parker

In honor of Martha Sears, May 2013 ~ Janet Jendron

In honor of Janet Buehler. To the mother of three attached kids! ~ From George Buehler

In honor of Stephanie Petters. THANK YOU for starting API of Greater Atlanta!! Without you, we all wouldn't be the parents we are today :o) You are wonderful!!!! ~ From: Lila

In honor of Nancy Franklin. ~ Barbara Brueggeman

In honor of Betty Ann Countryman. ~ Judy Canahuati

In honor of my granddaughter Mary Grace Labarowski. ~ Janet Jendron

In honor of my daughter Kathleen, a great mom! ~ Janet Jendron

In honor of Baton Rouge Attachment Parenting Group. This donation is made in honor of the very special moms of the Baton Rouge Attachment Parenting group. Happy Mother's Day! ~ Erin Stephens

In honor of Janet Jendron and an organization which makes a difference to the future of the world! ~ Alice Ziring

In honor of Kathryn and Chris Abbott. Merry Christmas! Love, Emily and Alex ~ Emily Lee

In honor of Janet Jendron. ~ Bill Borellis

This donation is in honor of our API Staff and Leaders for their dedication and hard work ~ Janet Jendron

For my beautiful children Delilah and Asher. Thank you API for the amazing support, and gift you have given me in the knowledge that I am doing the best for my amazing kids by following my instincts. And thank you for making it possible for me to know every day that I am not alone! ~ Patricia Mackie

In honor of Janet Jendron - I have to be one of the proudest daughters in the world. I love you Mom!! ~ Claudia Jendron

In honor of Nancy Franklin who requested donations in lieu of Christmas gifts. ~ Barbara Brueggeman

In honor of Samantha Gray and her family for their incredible and selfless support of API. ~ Janet Jendron

In honor of Maggie Lerman. ~ Claudia Vigil

In honor of Minda Lazarov. ~ Jennifer Welch

In honor of Rebecca Meyers. ~ Kevin Meyers

In honor of Nancy Blake of San Antonio, Texas. ~ Anonymous

Thanks for all you do! You've touched our hearts and lives as parents. ~ Carly Kear

In thanksgiving to Reedy and PJ Hickey for all they do. ~ Catherine Gurnee

In memory of Loyde Davis. ~ Alice Ziring

In honor of Steve Garmhausen. ~ Alicia Philley

In loving memory of Minda Lazarov for her gift to the world of herself. ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor of Janet Jendron ~ Belated birthday wishes to Janet, honoring your suggestion of a contribution to Nurturing Children for a Compassionate World - API Parent Education and Support. ~ Barbara Mullins

In Honor of Ali Santman ~ Danielle Carbary

In Memory of my parents - General "Tid" and Kathleen Watkins. They provided unconditional love and attachment parenting that are still the foundation of my personal growth and parenting choices. ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor of Baby Sloan ~ Betty Quave

In Honor of Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker ~ Minda Lazarov

In Honor Of Reedy Hickey ~ Mom, Thank you for all of your love and support these past 4 months. You have really helped us become a very attached and loving family. ~ Love, Hilary and Jacob

In Honor Of Reedy Hickey ~ ReeRee, We are very grateful for the quality time you have gotten to spend with us since we were born. We will always remember this! ~ Love, Ansley and Chloe

In Honor of Martha Sears. This is to honor Martha Sears, my mom, on your birthday. I know she would want nothing better for her birthday than to help parents be supported in their attachment with their children. Love you mom!!! Love, Hayden ~ Hayden Livesay

In Honor of Twin Cities (Minnesota) Attachment Parenting International chapter. Thanks for all your hard work! ~ Barbara Morgan

In Honor of Barbara Nicholson. To the best mom I know. ~ Jill Flowers

In Honor of Janet Jendron. Thanks to JJ for being such an amazing woman and for everything she has done for LLL and API! ~ Alice Ziring

In Memory of Terri Murray ~ Terri Murray

In Memory of everyone longing for a secure attachment ~ Vicki Rissmiller

In Memory of Marie Leonard ~ Marian Tompson

In Honor of Jasmine, Brandy and James ~ Patricia Corbitt

In honor of Johanna and Cory Owens, who are wonderful parents to Caroline ~ from Trip and Natalie Butcher Jendron

In memory of Edwina Froehlich, Betty Wagner and Viola Lennon ~ Janet Jendron

In honor of Mary Ann Cahill, Marian Tompson, Mary White and Mary Ann Kerwin ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor Of Margie McGagh Piotroski ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor of Reedy Hickey, her daughter Hilary, and the new twins Ansley and Chloe ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor Of Tine Thevenin ~ Martha and Bill Sears

In Honor Of Tine Thevenin Bill and I are sending a donation dedicated to Tine - we love choosing a work that connects so beautifully with her message to families. Read author and API Board Member Martha Sears' full tribute and join her in remembering Tine through giving.

In Honor Of Tine Thevenin When Lysa Parker and I started API in 1994, we began writing to our heroes and colleagues, asking for their support in the form of a letter of endorsement. I never thought that twenty years later I would have a letter from Tine in support of our efforts to continue with what she envisioned: happy families living in harmony and love. Read API Co-Founder Barbara Nicholson's full tribute and join her in remembering Tine through giving.

In Honor Of Janet Jendron ~ Linda Hook

Thanks to the energetic and talented Janet Jendron for her dedication to mothers and babies everywhere. ~ Sue Ann Kendall

In Memory Of Brian ~ Mary Baker

In Loving Memory Of Margie McGagh Piotroski ~ Marlene and Brian Billington

In memory of my wonderful cousin, Margie McGagh Piotroski, and in honor of her husband Randy and their super kids Justin, Zach, and Kira. ~ John McQuigg

In loving memory of Margie McGagh Piotroski ~ Lisa Kaufman and the Altoft Family

In Honor Of Tine Thevenin It is an honor to donate to Attachment Parenting International in Tine's memory and in appreciation of the impact that she made on the world as a wife, mother, advocate, and wonderful human being. Read API President Janet Jendron's full tribute and join her in remembering Tine through giving.

In Honor Of Margie Piotroski ~ Justin, Zak, and Kira, I'm so sorry about your mom. She always made me smile, and every time I think about her I'll smile ~ Nicholas Rufo

In Honor Of Tine Thevenin ~ Janet Jendron

In Honor of Janet Jendron, President of the API Board of Directors and very special person! Happy Birthday to the wonderful Janet Jendron! ~ Alice Ziring

In Honor of Jake and Mariko Harris ~ Karen Fletcher

In Honor of Daniel Flowers on Fathers' Day ~ Jill Flowers

In Honor Of: Cason Zarro ~ Hariette Gershon

In Honor Of Lee Ann Salih: Besides my own mother, Lee Ann was my first mothering mentor... She was the trailblazer who let me attend her homebirth, encouraged me to question anything that could adversely affect my baby or children. I would not be the mother I am today without Lee Ann's fearlessness, courage, and generosity. She indeed started a ripple effect! ~ Barbara Nicholson

In Memory of Drew Ross ~ Muriel Boette

In Memory of Roselyn Hadden ~ Laura Lee Berlingieri

In Honor of Dr. William and Mrs. Martha Sears ~ Denise Marcil

In Memory of Diane Witte ~ Robert Witte

In Honor of Sears Family Pediatrics and Sears Docs ~ Martha Sears

In Memory of Samandar Hai ~ Dorothy Marcic

In Honor of Janet Jendron ~ Claudia Jendron

In Honor of Janet Jendron ~ Dan Watkins

In Memory of Elizabeth Paris ~ Barbara Nicholson

In Memory of Edwina Froehlich ~ Paul Froehlich

In Memory of Chris Wink ~ Chris Wink

In Honor of Janet Jendron ~ Chip Smith

In Honor of Janet Jendron ~ Marian Tompson

In honor of JJ - and with happy holiday wishes to you all! ~ Alice Ziring

Congratulations to Janet on her new position as President of the Board of Directors of Attachment Parenting International! ~ Marian Tompson.

In memory of: Kathleen Watkins (Janet Jendron's mother) and Gloria Watkins (Janet Jendron's aunt) ~ Mark and Jaime Shelton

In Honor of my friend Janet Jendron ~ Evelyn Evans.

Janet loves all and serves all. Thanks for being a constant voice for attachment parenting. ~ From Timothy Conroy.

In memory of Kathleen Collum Watkins: whose power of touch calmed and centered all her birth children and their spouses who felt equally her children

In memory of Kathryne Higgins: who went against convention in an era of bottles to give her daughter the advantages of early breastfeeding

In honor of Kathleen Jendron Labarowski: of many mothers who give tirelessly, she goes beyond in patience, passion and creativity, constance

To Sally Barkley, my lovely daughter, who has been such a wonderful mother to my precious granddaughter, Iyonna. Love, Kathy Diaz

In memory of Kathleen Watkins, mother of Janet Watkins Jendron. Thank you for your great work. Love, Taylor Watkins

Dear Janet Jendron, please accept our token of appreciation for the friendship you gave to my mother, and then the support you gave to our family upon mom's passing. In deep gratitude, Pete Froehlich

In honor of Janet Jendron ~ From Kathy Hauer, LLL Aiken SC

In Honor of Our leaders: Laurie, Susan, and Alissa. By Louisa Dykstra

In Honor of API's wonderful Leaders. By Samantha Gray

In Honor of Delbert McClinton. By Steve Fishell