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Lisa Ricciuti

Leader Coach

Lisa Ricciuti Volunteer Staff

Lisa is available to guide the preparation process for those interested in becoming AP support group leaders. Lisa works with parents and professionals from the beginning of their process, learns more about their understanding of Attachment Parenting, level of empathy, and leadership abilities, and assists them as they complete the process of becoming local support group leaders.

Lisa Ricciuti worked with API for 15 years as the Leader Applicant Liaison and is an accredited leader. Lisa has guided hundreds of applicants through API’s accreditation program helping more than 130 parents become support group leaders. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication as well as a Master’s of Education with a focus on School Counseling. She believes that the process of peer-to-peer support is important for the well-being of a family which is vital to the health of the larger community. Lisa is inspired by all of the applicants who are willing to share their parenting struggles and successes and is grateful to have the opportunity to share resources and teachings based on API’s Principles of Parenting and non-violent communication techniques. Please contact Lisa if you are interested in her AP support group leader guidance.