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  • We can nurture our children for
    a more compassionate world.

    Families struggle every day with
    parenting and lack of support. Find
    connection, relationships, and basic
    principles that can make a difference
    in your home and the world.


Who nurtures you?

You nurture your children every day as they change and grow - and you need regular nurture too! Who helps you replenish your energy and perspective, update your knowledge and encourages you to practice new skills? What are you already doing well that you don't even realize? The three ingredients that all parents need to feel nurtured are easier and more enjoyable than you think. Read more.

Infant Massage USA 2024 Annual Conference


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You've heard about resilience, but have you heard about PCEs? 

Nurturings helps you build Positive Childhood Experiences, or PCEs, pronounced "pieces", which are the foundation of resilience and health. PCEs are powerful antidotes to adversity, and every parent and caregiver can provide them. See what PCEs are all about:

AP Support Groups

Click the locator pins on the map below to find parent groups and contact leaders, or use the list of groups here. Note: The location markers are approximate - please contact the Group Leader for the meeting locations and details.

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